Custom one-off and low volume cycling jerseys starting at $49.99. Six to eight weeks delivery.
Your design and artwork, or we can help you with design for a small fee.

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About: My name is Dean Edamura, and I am an Industrial Designer and cycling enthusiast.
I have worked part-time in bike shops ever since I got my first job
as a shop grom at Burl's Cycle in Scarborough in 1987. Then in 1991 I met my good friend Andrew,
and I have worked under him in various bike shops ever since.
In 2017 he opened The Bike Asylum in Stouffville,
Ontario, where I am the administrator of The Bike Asylum Cycling Club,
and continue my role as shop grom.

In the process of sourcing custom jerseys for the club, I found a supplier who offered one-off custom jerseys at affordable prices.
However, their longer turnaround time, lack of online ordering system, and limited design capabilities led us to utilize
more established, North American-based suppliers for our club jerseys.

But I did order a jersey from my newfound supplier, just to see what the quality and process was like. I used an early concept design
that I created for The Bike Asylum Cycling Club, and the result was surprisingly good! The fit was what I had expeced, and the quality was
fantastic, especially considering the low cost and one-off nature of the order.

I subsequently ordered several more one-off jerseys, and was very happy with each one.

So I thought, would other cyclists want reasonably priced one-off or low quantity jerseys at reasonable prices? In my research for the club,
I found suppliers charging well over $100 for a single custom jersey, which is quite understandable considering they prefer to work in volume
and have overhead with web and sales infrastructure to worry about.

So here I am, a fellow cyclist, offering custom jerseys from $49.99. Things are just getting started, and as such I currently accept Paypal
and Interac eTransfers only, and shipping in Canada only. If you already have a design and artwork (eps file format is preferable), then
we are already half way there. If you need help with the design or generating the digital files, I can usually get things done for about $25.
If you have only a very basic idea and are looking for concepts to choose from, it will be a little more, but definitely do-able.

Drop me a line at and get your custom jersey done!

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